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NATIONAL KEY RESULTS AREAS (NKRA) is a direct result of the GTP (Government Tranformation Policy) that is introduced by the Barisan Nasional administration under DS Najib after post 2008 elections. It is aimed to bring back the rakyat confidence and to make improvement in areas which being the main complaint by the rakyat. It is aimed for quick result in a short term.

1. Reduction of crime rate
- Reduce street crime, including snatch thefts and unarmed robbery, by 20% by the end of 2010.
- Re-train Rela members to help improve public perception on safety.
- Upgrade equipment for enforcement agencies and increase the usage of CCTV.
- Set up special courts for street crime to speed up the legal process.

2. Combating corruption
- Updating relevant policies, procedures and enforcement to improve global perception.
- Use open or restricted tender process for all government projects with the exception of those sensitive in nature.

3. Widening access to affordable and quality education
- Make pre-school education part of the national education system.
- Ensure all normal pupils are able to read, write and count when they enter Year Four before 2012.
- Reward school principals and headmasters based on the achievements of each school.
- Turn 100 daily smart, cluster, trust and boarding schools into high performing learning centres by 2012.

4. Raising the living standard of the Poor
- Pay out all welfare cash aid on the first of each month from January.
- Create 4,000 women entrepreneurs under the Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar programme by 2012.

5. Improving Infrastructure in rural areas
- Build 1,500km of roads in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012.
- Ensure that no one lives more than 5km from a tarred road in the peninsula by 2012.
- Increase clean water supply to cover 90% of Sabah and Sarawak by the end of 2012.
- Increase electricity coverage in Sabah and Sarawak to 95% by end of 2012.
- Provide 24-hour electricity supply to 7,000 orang asli families in the peninsula by the end of 2012.

6. Improving public transport in the Medium term
- Increase the number of public transport users to 25% by end of 2012 from the present 16%.
- Add 35 sets of four-car-trains to operate on the Kelana Jaya LRT track by the end of 2012

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