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Di petik dari blog Pisau yang memetiknya dari sumber asal. Satu analisa persendirian secara terperinci mengenai apa yang berlaku dalam politik Malaysia sejak 2004. Kajian di buat sejak pertengahan 2008. Amat memeranjatkan bilamana penganalisa tersebut mendapati bahawa fenomena demonstrasi jalanan di Malaysia mempunyai ciri-ciri khusus dan sama dengan demonstrasi jalanan yang pernah menggulingkan secara teratur regim-regim sasaran di negara-negara Eropah berdasarkan kepada strategi yang di bina oleh NED dan konsert rock muda-mudi boleh digunakan sebagai kaedah perang saraf yang paling efektif. 

Pola dan ciri-ciri yang sama tersebut boleh di kesan terus kepada N.E.D. dan beberapa institut yang membina perang saraf di negara Barat terutama Amerika dan Britain.

Berikut ialah petikan artikel tersebut dalam bahasa Ingeris di ambil dari blog Pisau yang di petik dari sumber asal RAINBOW OF TRUTH :-
Non-military warfare in Malaysia
As an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction since childhood, I eventually took more interest in non-fiction in my University years onwards. I remember suscribing to TIME magazine at the age of 18, when most University kids prefer to go to the Drive-in movies, bowling, or such like. That was my teenage years spent in Australia. By the way, I no longer read TIME since realising that it is owned and controlled by a certain mega-corporate group. Anyway, life was straightforward in those days. Street demonstrations were almost unheard of in Australia. Neither was it in Malaysia.
Hence, I felt compelled to initiate my own research on the recent phenomena in Malaysian politics observed in the past 2 years, and whether this is part of a bigger agenda that we do not know about. So I sat down and spent countless hours since middle of 2008.
With these findings, many facts started to unfold beofre my eyes. I feel, therefore, it is an obligation to share with you. I hope people will read widely after reading my articles and "see" the global grand design that has affected Malaysia today.
*Penemuan tersebut membuka beberapa fakta di mata saya. Pada fikiran saya ianya menjadi satu tanggungjawab untuk dikongsi bersama dengan anda. Saya berharap ramai akan membaca artikel saya dan dapat melihat 'Satu Perancangan Besar Global' yang telah memberi kesan kepada Malaysia pada masakini.*
In a book by Webster Griffin Tarpley entitled “Obama: The Postmodernn Coup”, he described in pg. 261, that as far back as 1967, Dr. Fred Emery, then Director of Tavistock Istitute, specified that the then new phenomenon of “swarming adolescents” found at rock concerts could be effectively used to bring down the nation-state by the end of 1990’s. The British Military created the Tavistock Institute as its psychological warfare arm following World War I.
The new techniques of warfare include the use of both lethal (violent) and nonlethal (nonviolent) tactics. Both ways are conducted using the same philosophy, infrastructure, and modus operandi. It is what is known as Cyber war. For example, the tactic of swarming is a fundamental element.
** di dalam buku yang di tulis oleh Webster Griffin Trapley bertajuk "Obama: Pascamoden Rampasan Kuasa" menerangkan pada m/s 261 bahawa sejak 1967, Dr Fred Emery, bekas Pengarah Institut Tavistock mengenalpasti fenomena 'ribuan remaja' di konsert rock mampu diperalatkan secara efektif untuk menggulingkan negara-bangsa pada akhir 1990an. Institut Tavistock dibangunkan oleh pihak tentera British sebagai tangan Gerak Perang Saikologi (GSPS) selepas Perang Dunia Pertama. Teknik-teknik baru Gerak Perang termasuk menggunakan kedua kaedah taktik merbahaya (keganasan) dan tak-merbahaya (tak-ganas) Kedua cara digunapakai menggunakan falsafah, insfrastruktur dan modus operandi sama. Ianya dikenali sebagai PERANG SIBER. Contohnya, taktik kerumun beranai-ramai adalah unsur asasi.
Tarpley wrote, in November 1989, In Ohio began a series of conferences to review progress towards that strategic objective. This was reported in “Human Relations” in 1991. There, Dr. Howard Perlmutter, professor of “Social Architecure” and a follower of Dr. Emery, stressed that “rock video in Katmandu” was an appropriate image of how states with traditional cultures could be destabilized, thereby creating the possibility of “global civilization”.(1)
Another method of post-modern coup is the deployment of polling agencies’ “exit polls” broadcast on international television to give false impression of massive vote-fraud by the ruling party, and put targeted states (nations) on the defensive.
The creation and deployment of coups of any kind requires agents on the ground.
The main handler of these coups on the “ street side” has been the Albert Einstein Institution, formed in 1983, specialising in “non-violence as a form of warfare”.
The group is funded by Soros and the National Endowment For Democracy (NED).
Albert Einstein’s President is Col. Robert Helvey, a former US Army Officer with 30 years’ experience in South East Asia. He has served as case officer for youth groups active in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Southe East Asia since 1999. Col. Helvey had created a series of youth movements in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine. At least one of the books by the Albert Einstein Institution was supported by George Kennan, the founder of the CIA’s Operations Division.
By 1985, seminars were given at Harvard entitled “Civilian-based Defense and The Art of War”.
In page 267 of Tarpley’s book, he wrote, : During the seminar, the Serbian students received training in such matters as to how to organize a strike, how to communicate with symbols, how to overcome fear and how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime”The principal lecturer was Helvey. Of course, the term “dictatorial” in US terms usually means any state that does not conform to its needs.
Helvey emphasized how to break the people’s habits of subservience to authority, and also how to subvert the regime’s “pillars of support” ie the police and armed forces.
(This “teaching is against the fundamental teaching of Islam.)
Movements cannot succeed without funding. The opposition group in Serbia got funding from Freedom House in the US. NED, Internaitonal Republican Institute (IRI) financed by US government. US Agency for Internaitonal Devlopment (USAID) sponsored materials like T-shirts and stickers.
Even a training manual was developed to “train future Trainers” as part of the opposition insurgency methodology, and distributed in workshops. This reflects how systemic the insurgency mechanism is.
Stickers, spray paints and websites are the young activists’ weapons (pg. 268, Tarpley).Street comedy mocking the regime was also a method in puncturing public fear and enraging the powerful.
Once the “opposition group” succeeeds, pro-US President Saakashvilli was installed.
Another method is “…organizing massive and colorful protests that drew crowds who never previously had the courage to oppose the …former Yugoslav President (Milosevic). Carbon copies of such rallies can be seen in Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Thailand(?) and Malaysia, with one purpose, to undermine a legally elected government, before installing a puppet regime.
Dr. Gene Sharp said, “Strategic Non-violent struggle is all about political power. How to seize political power and how to deny it to others”. Excerpts from his book was developed into a ‘training manual” for use by opposition groups in Eastern Europe.
In page 277 of the same book, the Myanmar government described how the Western powers have been aiding certain organizations under the guise of democracy and human rights by giving them assistance in both cash and kind.
Another strategy taught by Col. Helvey to insurgent groups was to use all sorts of subversive acts so that people will have wrong impressions of the Government and lose their respect on it; and so disturbances and upheavals will break out in the country.(pg 278.
This scenario is well illustrated in the never-before seen scenario in Perak and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is clearly a well-orchestrated series of events that only individuals who are well-versed and well-trained by USA CIA-style mechanisms of subversive acts, and generously supported by very very rich interest groups, dare to do.
Interest groups? Why Malaysia? More of that later..

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