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"Because we are the ruling party for so long, the momentum itu lambat bergerak because we hv been expecting the election for a long time it doesn’t happen, butnow there is seriousness because the opposition is also working very hard to make sure they can take over the govt.

Dap yang selama ini concentrate on penang, perak, now for the first time they are concentrating in johor and providing us a real challenge. Because johor is supposed to be our stronghold. But now you can’t say you can win without working very hard.

In johor we can win. We will succed, but we have to work doubly hard.becasue the opposition is very serious, they have their own campaign strategy and they hv got resources. Its just not – no such thing as you are competing against a poor party. It seem they don’t have limits to their resources.

Whether you agree or disagree we need to win. It will be a pity if because of our disunity, or we placed our feelings or emotions, then we lose not because the opposition is stronger, but because we are dissatisfied with the decisions being made.

I think the focus should be on the party. We are still a credible party who got the best solution to the country’s problem and provide continuity to what we have done.

Tun m kata karier kit siang akan berakhir di johor, komen?

Kalau saya berada di kedudukan tun m pun sy akan bercakap yg sama. Kalau kita ckp selain daripada itu ia bermakna penyerahan diri dan kita tak mahu ditembak di kawasan kita. but I think we’ve got a good fighting chance in that area.

You must remember that is an mca area. Now if you want to see that bn is a workable formula, this is the time for our component to show that they can deliver.

And in johor we would not like to change our cosmopolitan politics to a very racial politics. We don’t vote because of race, but we vote because it iss the best party or person to provide the leadership.

So we need to kubur him there in order to make sure dap don’t make inroad in johor.

Pemimpin lain masuk johor bertanding?

I think johor politics is different from other states. Our politics, why we have been very strong it because we are a grassroot party, especially in the case of umno. We do not visit or engage our voters only at election time. It is continuous. And these people who comes here (opposition0 – after the election, what will they do? We have proof that all of them do not deliver to the expectation of the voters.

They win the election and talk a lot in parliament…but whenever the public have all sorts of problems, they are not there to provide the services. This is quite common throughout. So don’t elect the opposition.

Husam selalu jaja cerita projek monorel di putrajaya yang tak siap?

I think husam doesn’t understand monorel. Putrajaya is an administrative centre. In the public transport, the backbone of it is not the monorel. But it is included in our masterplan. But if you want to implement monorel ke, mrt ke, lrt ke, it cannot happen overnight.

And if this guy, if he becomes a member of parliament, do you think he can implement monorel? You look into the opposition’s manifesto on public transport -  a lot of empty promises. There is nothing substantive.  In our case, there is a lot of substantive program that has got continuity. To continue what has already been done. Its not something new, so we are asking for the mandate to allow us to continue what is already been done so it will bring us to the next stage to become a develop country status.

We are looking at quite a number of options as far as putrajaya is concerned. We find that the government department – to move from place to another, you need to go by car. So need to established an integrated system. And the putrajaya holding have submitted some proposals. Even there was a suggestion to look into London’s micro-port.

Org mesti faham apabila bercakap tentang public transport.  The services and facilities provided in pengangkutan awam are related to the demand. The ridership in Putrajaya at present is quite low because the population is not big. Bermakna dia kena fokus more on more efficient bus service, better connectivity between the various housing area,

Kalau suddenly now you put a monorel, tak ada orang kat situ nak naik. It’s not cheap. Its expensive "

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