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Bloger Helen Ang mengupas isu amalan perkauman tegar DAP yang diwarisi daripada PAP sejak 1965 lagi. Kupasan yang menyeluruh. Memang betul pun, DAP mewarisi semua amalan perkauman sejak dulu lagi. Nama je parti non-komunal tapi sebenarnya sebuah parti dominasi keluarga Lim Kit Siang yang majoritinya adalah Cina. 

Kali ini Helen Ang buat perbandingan dengan memetik hansard Parlimen pada tahun 29 Mei1965 (m/s 77-82), kenyataan Tun Dr Mahathir pada masa itu berkenaan amalan perkauman cauvinistik PAP yang kini diwarisi oleh DAP generasi kedua:-
Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: “They know very well that racialism can lead to inter-racial conflagration which will only end with the disintegration of Malaysia.”
“It is a peculiarity of this country that those who openly accept the fact of racial division are the people less prone to racialist politics. The Alliance is based on racialism where its party structure is concerned, but its decisions are the results of mutual ‘give-and-take’ amongst its constituents and no longer represents a purely racialist stand-point.
“On the other hand, the so-called non-communal parties are the most communal and racialist in their attitudes. Basically, they are pure Chinese chauvinists, or they derive inspirations from a common dislike for the Malays.
“Let us take the Socialist Front. Ostensibly this is not a communal party. This is a party based on class ideology where the people of all races who subscribe to socialist thinking are supposed to be equal within the party. But does the party fight for the establishment of socialist ideas in Malaysia? No.
“What does the Socialist Front, and in particular the Labour Party of Malaya, demand? Not socialised medicine , not nationalisation, but Chinese should be the official language of Malaysia, that Malays should be deprived of their so-called privileges, that the Chinese Nanyang University should he recognised, that the Chinese Schools should be accorded the same treatment as the national schools, that we should favour Communist China, that we should be friendly with China’s good friend, Indonesia. The whole appeal, Mr Speaker, Sir, is to Chinese chauvinism, to Chinese communal sentiments.
“At times this will escalate to blatant anti-Malay offensive. Despite obvious evidence to the contrary, the Malays were pictured to the Chinese as a privileged super-race who gets everything, leaving nothing at all for the Chinese. The result of all this is that the Socialist Front of today is almost purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by .. .
Dr Tan Chee Khoon: Mr Speaker, Sir, on a point of clarification – Does the Honourable Member for Kota Star Selatan realise that almost all the top Malay leaders of the Socialist Front are behind bars?
Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: Mr Speaker, Sir, I realise that, but I know that there are stooges in every party. (Laughter). May I continue, Mr Speaker, Sir?
Mr Speaker: Yes.
Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: Mr Speaker, Sir, the result of all this is that the Socialist Front is almost and I repeat almost, not completely purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by people whose only reason for associating with . 
Interruption by the Honorable Member for Menglembu, S. P. Seenivasagam.
Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: “Sir, the result of all this is that the Socialist Front of today is almost purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by people whose only reason for coming together is their desire to propagate a “Chinese uber-Alles” ideology as against a Malaysian nationalism of the so-called communal Alliance Party.
“It is significant that at the Socialist Front demonstration in Kuala Lumpur in February this year, almost all the demonstrators were school children — school boys and school girls still in the uniforms of Chinese schools. It is significant that the posters, banners and placards were in Chinese. It is also significant that the swearing at the Policemen during that demonstration was also in Chinese.“
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Jangan lupa mengenai setiausaha politik Nurul Izzah yang pernah didapati bersalah kerana memfitnah dan di hukum 100 kali tewit memohon maaf:-

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