Rabu, 20 Mac 2013


Both of them showed the Fingered Sign ~ 
Anwar Ibrahim To Ibrahim Idjirani : Can I **K U Today?
Ibrahim Idjirani to Anwar Ibrahim: U Ulang I Saman U !
Both are too fucked up in their own evil ploy
Next is the DAP ..... 
Please be free to use your own wild imaginations.

The Phillipine Enquirer reported today Ibrahim Idjirani cooked up a horror-comedy strory of the assassination plot to kill Pastor 'Boy' Saycon and Kiram 50cents who-lost-his-mind by foreign hit squad. The same ploy story made up by Anwar Ibrahim not long ago when his Liwat II scandal 'Pecah-Lobang'. 

So Ibrahim Idjirani (its so coincidental that Ibrahim is also the name of Anwar's father) said that the information was given by an unnamed lawyer whom those so-called assassins met. Ibrahim Idjirai also said that three local assassins are hired. Even the location of the hit squad is known to Ibrahim. Ibrahim Idjirani must be the next Mega Maharaja Lawak' s Astro.

Assassins met lawyer?
Assassin hired another assassin?
What kind of joke is that?

The Phillipine National Bureau of Investigation has sarted its investigation on Pastor 'Boy' Saycon and Kiram50cents. So what is the best tactics to divert attention? Of courselah ... play the 'Victim's Story'. 

And as for Anwar Ibrahim, he has only 30 hours or so. 
Those PKR hooligans are campaigning against Gomo.
Surely they do their best to undermine public confidence to Gomo by assassinating Gomo's character. But hey... look's who doing the fucking?

People have brains you know.

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