Ahad, 6 Januari 2013


In his brilliantly-written book, Myers observes that most “academics, think-tank analysts and other Pyongyang watchers have neglected to study the worldview of the military-first regime and instead choose to make sense of Juche Thought, a sham doctrine with no bearing on Pyongyang’s policy-making.”

As I read Professor Myer’s book, a staggering revelation dawned on me – of the uncanny parallels between this bellicose pariah state and another race-first organisation that is closer to home – the DAP. The similarities between North Korea and DAP are numerous and encompass the entire spectrum of politics – ideology, world-view, policies, party propaganda tactics, governance and even leadership style.

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DAP sanggup memalukan diri mereka dengan memecat Pengarah Pilihanraya nya semata-mata untuk mengekalkan kroni Guan End , anak Cina jadi Melayu duduk dalam CEC.

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