Isnin, 24 Oktober 2011


Don't Ask Me ! .. Ask Mum and Dad About It !

OVERHAULING SPORTS COMPLEX. It's remind me of the Overhaulin' slot in the Discovery Channel but it costs nothing. But hey, in Malaysia there'll be a new record in the Word Guinness and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. It is all done in the spirit of MES (The New Welfare State - What belongs to Rakyats Will Be Returned to Rakyat - Robin Hood style). Those  ex corporate buggers really know their stuff in politics even they supersede the Accountant General' annual Report. They claimed a ballooning cash reserve of RM1.1. billion which yet to be audited by the Accountant General. It's OK no harm is done it's business plus stupid politics. But when they decided to overhaul a sports complex in Kelana Jaya which costs  the State RM1.6 billion now that's an eye catching. We are still lucky. Those state executives and ex-corporate tycoons-cum-politician have decided such an overhauling wastage spending. What if they suddenly make a decision to overhaul the whole public toilets and garbage dins throughout Selangor? That's will be headline news for at least half of your life. The only question now is this, since when renovation is no longer applicable to buildings? Changing terms with new ones is considered A New Hope for the Rakyat? Is this what they called Muffling Economy Short-sighted? Or shall we define the PURPLE BOOK to a new level of Hope and Cry? Methinks maybe it's the trick of the trade after all and maybe PKNS has won a contract to produce a reality show on the Discovery Channel to replace the existing 'Overhaulin'' slot. But why overhauling a sports complex and not the public toilets and garbage dins? I wonder what next in the minds of Robin Hooders of dap-pkr-pas so-called the Peoples' Alliance to overhaul next. Maybe the toilet next to the Menteri Besar's office? I heard that the Tuhan Guru Hj Hadi had take a young bride to be his fourth wife. It's only rumours same like that rumours about one's son pinched a girls bosoms for a whooping RM200,000.00. Like Karpal Singh recent statement' Don't blame us but blame Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim! We can't deliver all promises as we will be jailed if did so. Now Karpal Singh can we blame the whole lot of dap-pkr-pas leaders to overhaul a sports complex? I heard the court has not yet issue any court order to the effect.


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