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The CONTROVERSIAL PICTURE .... but hey, it was uploaded at Esmail Kiram II facebook that silenced-off since September 2011.

Much Ado About Nothing. Surprisingly enough we have an equivocal denial  by Kiram II of his picture with DS Najib. But it come too late, better late than never. Ibrahim Idjirani the busyman for the self proclaimed deranged Kiram III said that Kiram II had never met DS Najib. Kiram II last visit to Semporna Sabah was the last week of January before Kiram III crazy gunmen went to declare that they have guns and want to renegotiate new terms for the Sabah cessation annuity at gunpoint.

Idjirani further claimed that Kiram II did his best to persuade his brother Agbimuddin to reconsider his crazy plan to intrude Sabah. On top of that Idjirani vehemently claimed that Kiram II was denied audience with DS Najib. Whether or not Kiram II did make any request to see DS Najib, the truth is remained unknown.

But Idjirani did not disclose further details of it. One can only speculate using  own best wild imagination to ponder what the details are. He only stressed that the controversial picture is probably has been doctored. By who? He's keeping the secret tight.

It seemed that the Kiramcrazy  trio are in deep shit.  They twist and turn all facts and figures to save their own throats. They lost their balls on the wallie.

BTW, lets me introduce to you the faces of the KIRAMCRAZY TRIO.....

Jamalul Kiram III - The one-eyed blind man - The Big Brother.

Bantilan Esmail Kiram II - also claimed to be Sultan
He is the guy in that controversial picture (above)

Rajah Muda Agbimuddin@ Azzumuddie Kiram - He is the Chief Commander of the Kiram's militia. At a glance he's look alike Bantilan Esmail Kiram II.
See the picture below.


Frankly , these two buggers who are confused to be Agbimuddin (The man from left but he is certainly another Kiram lineage. The younger man is unknown.)

Now concentrate on the old man with 'Belang Biru' skullcap wearing slippers. He is said to be Jeneral Hj Musah Abdulla

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