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And thus it began. The worst nightmare that  even Freddy Krueger seemed to be a Child's Play. A simple plot.  Here we have the King who lost his land. Nope. The King said he leased the land. But the lessees were long gone dead. But the King was dead too. To conjure a spell that would wake up all the Holy Ghosts of the past, the King's heirs have to shoot and kill.

But before that, they need the service of the Sandman to put all the inhabitants into  deep sleep where they could not wake up anymore. In their sleep, the Sandman put their own fear to be their own worst nightmares. Fear is the Sandman's friend. And so the inhabitants are hunted by the their own nightmares on and on and on. They lived up their own nightmares.

And so the Mundus are ordered. "Kill without mercy those inhabitants in their sleep!' the Sandman cried out loudly.

"You shall be the masters of the land once more again!" the Sandman promised.

"Give your life so you will be remembered by the Mundus for generations to come as Our Saviour!" .

And it began. The merciless killings of the inhabitant in their deep sleep.
And thus, the Holy Ghosts of the past are awaken by the bloods of the dead.

" And Who's dare to conjure us up from our sleep?" asked the Holy Ghosts.

" It is we O reverend Holy Ghosts! We ask you for your help to regain back what is lost from us and we bring forth the Sandman's oath"

" And on what shall I give you ?" asked the Holy Ghosts

"On the Sandman's promises of glory and the bloods that we have spill in your name!" shouted the Mundus.

"You have bring forth blood sacrifice on the Sandman's promises" The Holy Ghosts said in thundering voice

"And what shall I get in return?" asked the Holy Ghosts.

"We give our life to you O Holy Ghosts" said the Mundus.

"And then shall be it, you have appeased us with the Blood Sacrifice to wake us up and shall give your precious life in return for fulfilling the Sandman's promises to you" the Holy Ghosts laughters echoed loudly.

" We shall ask no more from you O Holy Ghosts!" said the Mundus.

"Go! Your wishes are done!" The Holy Ghosts then dissapeared from the Mundus' eyes.

And so, the Mundus fought to their last blood. All dead now. The fields are emptied. Stenched with bloods like red rivers flow. And above it hovers the Holy Ghosts. Slowly it descend to the ground and it change into the SANDMAN.

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