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Razak Bagind In Trial Times.

When this blog started this Debunking Scorpene Scandal series in Part 1, we set out to:
... debunk each issue by issue using information from their sources. We will reveal the inconsistency in their allegation, and the ever changing stories.
We may have certain information to refute their allegation but we decide to only use their source and publicly available information on the Internet. Most of the speculation and allegation on Scorpene were politically motivated to bring down Dato Najib. That way we will prove it is only lies, speculations, and illogically made up stories.  
Our objective, like the French investigation court, as taken from SUARAM website, is: 
... to investigate the claim of corruption for a payment amounting to €114 million made as commissions from DCNS to Perimekar.
 If that payment was corruption, someone must be charged. In Part V, we showed SUARAM press statement was reported as that:
 “… the French authorities will look into is the corruption or commission allegedly paid by DCN,” said Joseph Breham …. 
… the murder of the Mongolian woman is beyond the jurisdiction of the French authorities.
In the video in Part V, SUARAM’s French lawyer, Joseph Breham reiterated that “the French court interest and jurisdiction is on DCN and other French outfit but not any Malaysian entity” and whether bribes was paid by them on and possibly on “French soil." And it include any contravention of OECD Convention on Bribery. 
No Altantuya and no indictment of Dato Najib. That will be done by the Malaysian court. Trust me, if there is conviction in France, our court will have to act and we will make sure they do. Or we will help organise Bersih 7...
‘Slander thy Najib’
 When the murder incident happened in 2006, we received an unknown SMS which attempted to link Dato Najib with Altantuya and claimed her then one-year old baby was his. We’ve wrote it in this blog someehere [read us here and here]. 
The SMS claimed that Dato Najib was in Cherborg France, a year before. But shouldn’t there be another nine months for that coincidence to make sense?
That started our scepticism to anything related to this Scorpene and Altantuya death charade.And we got more sceptical when the Statutory Declarations of PI Bala and Raja Petra appeared.
Rakan bloger tersebut telah mempersiapkan siri khusus mendedahkan pembohongan oleh SUARAM, ANWAR IBRAHIM dan PEMBANGKANG dalam isu SCORPENE. Sila ke pautan ini ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL 
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