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Pakatan pada setiap hari bermain dengan persepsi dalam semua isu-isu yang dibangkitkan oleh mereka. Tujuan mereka ialah untuk membina satu pandangan umum masyarakat mengikut acuan mereka. Persepsi Pakatan berasaskan fitnah. Bagi kefahaman jelas mengenai apakah PERSEPSI sila baca di bawah:- (tak faham gunakan Google Translate)
A very important attribute that plays a great contribution in our relationships with people socially is our perception towards the outer world. Perception is a process of becoming aware of the world around us through our senses. Our senses result in playing a critical role in perception and behavior. The factors affecting the perception of one person towards the other one result into the whole process of synchronization. A lot of this depends on the way we think about him.
As we have discussed, the concept of perception varies from one person to another. Looking at a luxury car, one might think it of as a source of motivation, his dream car or the car that is best among the rest in the world. The other might not be that positive in his perception towards that car. He might be thinking it of as an option he can never think of having in the rest of his life to follow, or he might also think it as a waste of valuable resources thinking that there are cheaper and more apt options available in the market that also possess four wheels. This is how the perception changes and so do the opinions of the people.
Another important example could be of the seasons. The youth and the energetic lot of people think of monsoons as the time when the romance is at its peak and the energies are running high. They feel that there is no such season like the rainy season and wait for it to come all 12 months of the year. They simply cannot let the monsoon season get over. The rains might not have left a similar impression on some other people. For instance, some of them might think the rainy seasons to be messy and full of traffic chokes and irregularities. They might also consider the geometric progression of insects to be caused only because the skies were releasing showers. Hence, for some, it is the best season while for others, they cannot stand a sight of the same. For some, it is a reason to start writing poetry, for others, they just know how to curse it.
Hence, depending upon the perception of the people for other people, this social and political barrier emerges. It is not that everyone likes everyone. The sole reason behind it is that some of them have made pre-conceive notions for the former and are not willing to break the ice. This, though, is not healthy. This is not going to support someone strengthening his/her relationship with anyone.
In professional life also, perception plays a very important role, in deciding the fate of the projects, companies or as an individual as well. It is one’s perception only that asks him to create some of his own views and opinions about something and once formed, it becomes really difficult for it to be changed. Efforts are to be put in effectively to counter the issues arcing due to it.
Dalam isu NFC dan NFCORP, PKR melontarkan terlebih dahulu persepsi mereka berasaskan kepada fitnah-fitnah berikut:-
  1. NFC adalah gagal (putar belit lapuran Ketua Audit Negara)
  2. NFC dikelirukan dengan NFCORP
  3. NFC diberikan kepada Shahrizat kerana Shahrizat adalah Menteri.
  4. Wang Pinjaman dikatakan Geran Percuma
  5. Pembelian kondo dikatakan penyelewengan.
  6. Segala lapuran dan fakta mengenai NFC dan NFCORP dikelirukan
  7. Isu Datuk Senyum dibangkitkan dan fakta mengenainya diputarbelitkan.
Memandangkan fitnah (1) - (6) berjaya dipatahkan oleh bloger jalanan melalui fakta-fakta yang betul, kini isu nombor (7) dibangkitkan. Sekali lagi Pakatan mendahulukan persepsi mereka dalam soal ini melalui fitnah  seperti berikut:-
  1. Bahawa  Datuk Senyum di tangkap oleh polis atas inisiatif polis walhal Datuk Senyum di tangkap apabila NFCORP membuat lapuran polis terhadap Datuk Senyum kerana menipu NFCORP
  2. Pengakuan Datuk Senyum dalam soal siasat oleh Polis semasa dalam reman polis dimainkan oleh Pakatan sebagai perkara benar.
Tak masuk akal lah untuk NFCORP membuat laporan polis sehingga tertangkap Datuk Senyum semata-mata mahu Dartuk Senyum membuat kenyataan kepada polis SAYA DI PAKSA MERASUAH OLEH NFCORP ! Takkanlah NFCORP melakukan perkara bodoh macam itu.

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